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Jet washing pressure washing Coventry

October 30, 2020

Coventry jet wash driveway

Coventry jet wash driveways, patios and block-paving

AMJ Cleaning Services supply a professional jet wash cleaning service to Coventry, Birmingham, Warwickshire, West Midlands and across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

Having your property and outdoor spaces jet washed regularly may seem a bit over the top and unnecessary. However, it should become part of a homeowner or landlord’s annual or bi-annual maintenance routine. The reason for this is your home is constantly bombarded by the effects of the weather. If you live in an inner-City area, pollutants from vehicles will undoubtedly significantly impact deposit building up. Thus, causing discolouration and potential damage to your paving, roof, bricks and mortar.

Here are AMJ’s top ten tips on why jet washing the exterior of your property and outdoor spaces will protect your investment and prevent long-lasting damage. 

1 – Jet washing prevents damage

Over the winter months, moisture can cause damage and stains to your home’s exterior surfaces, including block paved driveways and garden patios. If you allow the staining to stay on your exterior surfaces for long periods, permanent damage can result.

Mould can feed on paint and exterior finishes, add to this the accumulation of dirt, algae, mildew, and grime, left unchecked for years (especially in shaded areas), your property will suffer damage and discolouration. Having a regular maintenance plan for your property will alleviate this issue.

2 – Maintenance

The purchase of a property is an investment; protecting that investment through proper maintenance is a must. Jet washing of your block paving, patio and exterior surfaces of your property can deliver a low-cost option of protecting a large sum investment. A small amount of preventative maintenance can go a long way towards keeping your property’s value and avoiding costly repairs. You can also take years off its appearance by jet washing your property and make it look a lot newer than it is. It is also a lot cheaper than having to refinish or repaint.

3 – Jet washing surfaces that require refinishing

If you are thinking of refinishing or repainting the exterior surfaces of your property or are thinking of resealing your block paving or patio, jet washing is the ideal solution.

By removing all the dirt and grime, you ensure that you have a clean, smooth surface on which to paint or seal. Uncleansed surfaces are less likely to accept new finishes, paints or sealants.

4 – Protect you and your family’s health

Dust and mildew could not only be affecting your home’s appearance but also your family’s health. Allergy UK quotes a staggering 44% of adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy, with most triggers associated with pollen, mould, spores, and dust mites. All the dirt, grime, and mildew that accumulates on your home’s exterior surfaces can be dangerous. Removing them regularly with jet washing helps keep you and your pets from getting sick. AMJ’s cleaning detergent removes allergens, kills algae and fungus, and protects against harmful bacteria.

5 – Environmentally friendly

AMJ’s cleaning solution is not only gentle for your family but environmentally friendly as well. Our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and safe for pets and children. All our jet washing techniques are also safe on your grass, plants, and other shrubberies around your home.

6 – Jet washing saves time

Jet washing is the best and quickest way to clean the exterior of your home. Your time is precious; let AMJ the professionals do the job instead, pronto. Save you having to mix cleaning solutions, scrubbing, and climbing ladders. We can accomplish in minutes what could take you hours. Our team of professions can clean your whole property generally in one visit.

7 – Restore kerb appeal

Jet washing the exterior surfaces of your property, you can wash away the years without having to spend a fortune. Make your property stand out in your street, make the neighbour’s curtain twitch!

8 – Increase property value

Improving the exterior aspects of your property, painting, touch-ups, external enhancement, and jet washing of surfaces could increase your properties value by as much as 2.5%. Don’t lose out call AMJ Cleaning Service, Specialist Jet Washing services for Coventry, Birmingham, Warwickshire, and the West Midlands on 07576 898 668 or email us here for a free no-obligation quote.

9 – Other jet wash applications

Another application for jet washing that you may not have considered is property windows, fascias and gutters. How about having your fencing jet washed? You may be surprised by the results, and it could look almost new again! Barbeque grills, patio furniture, decking, stairs, and paving, the list of applications are endless. Take a look at our gallery to see some of the jobs we have successfully completed.

10 – Save money

Employing AMJ’s expert operatives is cheaper than you may think. We have hundreds of satisfied customers how regularly have jet washing maintenance performed on their patios, block paved driveways and exterior surfaces of their properties. Please call 07576 898 668 now for a free, no-obligation quote.

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